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We provide compassionate care for the families of children and adolescents who would like to manage their weight and adopt healthier lifestyle practices.


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Sickle Cell Trait Awareness

Sickle Cell Trait Screening

Sickle Cell Trait Screening and Awareness Initiative. We invite you to delve deeper into your child’s health and well-being. On this important journey towards better health and awareness, we are excited to announce the launch of our new Sickle Cell Trait (SCT) screening and education program. It is designed to identify and educate children, adolescents and young adults with sickle cell trait. You will learn more about Sickle Cell Trait, how it can affect you or your child, and how it is passed on from parent to child. You will also learn how to reduce chances of yourself or your child giving birth to a baby with sickle cell disease (SCD). Click here to learn how our new program can help you better understand your child's health

Sickle Cell Trait Screening

Concierge Pediatrics

Concierge Pediatrics

Welcome to our latest offering- featuring Dr. Akin's Concierge Pediatric Practice. Our unique, patient-focused approach to pediatric care is led by the experienced and compassionate Dr. Akin. You'll see firsthand how we prioritize personalized care through Home Visits for your newborn, Home Visits for your sick child and specialized weight management and mental health services. We value our extended, unhurried child-centered visits. We'll also share insights on our commitment to holistic child development, and you'll hear from Dr. Akin about the principles that guide our practice. So, join us as we journey through our new offering, showcasing our dedication to nurturing the future generation. Don't forget to subscribe to stay updated on the latest in pediatric care.

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Balance Pediatrics

10 year anniversary

Balance Pediatrics has been in Downers Grove for 10 years! It has been a very rewarding decade taking care of your children, watching them grow in good health, and confidence. The last 3 years were no doubt challenging, but we pulled through, we beat the pandemic, and are ready to face the next 10 years with courage and renewed energy. Though the toll has been enormous, we stay strong and continue to support our children who also carried a huge burden.

10 years and counting.....

What our Patients Say

"Dr. Akin has treated my two kids since birth. We love her gentle demeanor and attention to detail. She is great with the kids and has helped us treat a number of things from RSV to allergies."

"Dr. Akin is one of a kind! We are so very lucky to have been referred to her through another doctor when we had our first child. As first time parents of a preemie, our anxiety ran high in regards to our babies health, growth and development. Dr. Akin was there for us every step of the way."

"She is truly amazing. She is great with my kids and my kids love her. She is way to get a hold of and you can tell she truly cares. Highly recommend if your looking for someone you and your kids will love."

"Outstanding service! From the moment you walk in there's always a warm welcome and there's always a very small wait time. I can really rely on Dr. Akin with my children's health."

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FDA Applesauce Recall

The FDA has recalled WanaBana, Weis, and Schnucks Apple Cinnamon Fruit Purée Pouches & Cinnamon Apple Sauce due to elevated lead levels.

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