Concierge Pediatrics

Concierge Pediatric offering at home doctor visits for newborn and sick child. Also personalized weight management, mental health and much more

Balance Concierge

Introducing our Premium top-tier Concierge Pediatric Services.

Dr. Akin’s excellent quality of care now comes to you in new and innovative formats.

Now your doctor will provide personalized care to your child, without the restrictions of bureaucracy.

Newborn doctor’s visits at home! What an added benefit!

Extended appointments (we already do this, but your insurance company may not value this service like you do)

And for your convenience, at home sick visits! You no longer need to take time off work, arrange childcare for other children and navigate traffic or deal with inclement weather. Doctor is in the House!

Explore our At-home doctor visits for your newborn, or sick child. Call 630-929-3009 to schedule an appointment

Balance Concierge Basic Membership

Pediatric and Adolescent Health

Personalized Healthcare

Extended appointments

24/7 access to physician

Telemedicine visits as needed

Balance Concierge Newborn package 

Newborn till 28 days old

3 home visits

Limited geographic area


24/7 Telephone access to Pediatrician

*In order to be seen by Dr. Akin, newborn must have received Vitamin K injection given by hospital nurse

Balance Concierge At Home Sick Visits 

At home Doctor Visit for your Sick child

Flu and Strep testing as needed

Limited Geographic area

Concierge Specialty Packages

Specialized Services

Weight management program with more detailed and frequent visits, Behavioral Health program with medication management,  consulting with a psychiatrist as needed

To take advantage of our services, you need to have a Balance Concierge membership. This gives you access to any of our specialty plans.

As a Balance Concierge Member with any of the above plans, you can access any of these specialty packages:

Balance Concierge Weight Management Program 

Nutritional assessment

Initial Evaluation


Personalized plan including medication management if needed

Weekly follow up

Balance Concierge Behavioral Health Program 

Behavioral Evaluation and Assessment

Diagnose and Develop Treatment plan

Medication management

Weekly follow up with Behavioral health specialist

Coordinate care with psychiatrist and referral if needed

Concierge Luxury Packages

Pediatric Concierge for the busy executive, or international traveler. We offer services to keep your child healthy while you focus on work and other activities 

Balance Concierge Executive Program 

Executive Concierge Pediatrics


Balance Concierge Program

At home well child visits

At home sick visits as needed

Coordination with your Personal Assistant to ensure your child is up to date with all healthcare recommendations. This program is for the busy executive who may be traveling a lot. Let us keep your child healthy while you work.

Balance Concierge International Program- call for pricing


Balance Concierge Newborn Program

Balance Concierge Weight Management Program

Balance Concierge Behavioral Health Program

At home well child visits

At home Sick visits

Unlimited telemedicine visits


Does my child need a Concierge Program? 

The simple answer is Yes! You still receive the quality of care you are accustomed to, but delivered in a new way. Insurance company limitations will be a thing of the past. Dr. Akin will spend the time she needs to make sure your questions are answered. If you child needs other care, we are ready to deliver with a well thought out and coordinated program. 

Can I afford Balance Concierge? 

There are several intangible benefits of this program. Home visits save you time and money. You don’t need to take the whole day off or pay for a babysitter for the other kids- the doctor comes to your home! Also, That first Newborn visit is difficult! Mom is still sore, baby has just fed, or pooped, or both! But you need to get to the doctor’s office by 9am! Just schedule your appointment with the doctor and she will come to your home. Not having to miss work for one day will easily pay for your child’s Concierge care.

How does the Newborn Program work? 

Your child’s first Doctor’s appointment is usually within 1-2 days of discharge from the hospital. Most Health Insurance coverage does not start till 1 month of age. During this time, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends 3 well Child visits. These visits can be completed in the comfort of your home. Our Newborn Program also gives you 24/7 access to the pediatrician. If you’re worried about something, call to speak with her. If you choose to continue seeing Dr. Akin, you will need to sign up with Balance Concierge Membership for continued personalized care.

Can I use Balance Concierge Programs (Weight management, Home visits, Behavioral care ) without being a member? 

Our programs are designed for members of our Concierge Program. Dr. Akin knows her patients well, and so is able to personalize their care. To use any of our specialized programs, you need to be a member of Dr. Akin’s practice. It is easy to join, send us a message requesting membership today. 

My child has emotional concerns, how do I proceed? 

Many teens and young adults are dealing with behavioral health issues. These may be obvious or hidden. We will help your child with identifying behavioral health issues, diagnosing and treating them as appropriate. We also have a behavioral health team including consulting with a psychiatrist as needed.   Call 630.929.3009 and ask for a concierge appointment.

I am visiting from out of town, can we do a one-time visit?

Contact us, and we might be able to help. You still need to be a member in order to be seen by Dr. Akin.

I just had a baby and will be returning abroad, can I sign up for the newborn program?

Absolutely. Contact us at 630-929.3009 or for information about how to get enrolled.

What cities do you do home visits in? 

At this time, we are offering home visits to members in Oak Brook, Hinsdale, Burr Ridge and some parts of Elmhurst. We anticipate adding more cities shortly. If you do not live in any of these cities, we might still be able to arrange a visit on a case-by-case basis.