Frequently Asked Questions- Weight Loss and Child Development

Frequently Asked Questions- Weight Management

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How do I know if my child is overweight?

You can use this useful calculator to determine your child’s BMI. BMI stands for Body Mass Index. It is the best measure we have available to use to tell a person’s weight status. Essentially it gives us an idea of how heavy your child is for their height. You need a recent measure of your child’s weight and height.

Will my child need to use weight loss medications?

Maybe. There are now FDA approved weight loss medications to treat obesity in children and young adults. However, we believe that starting with a change in lifestyle involving energy imbalances is a good start. This will help your child gain life-long benefits which weight loss medications will augment. So initiating weight loss with lifestyle changes and adding medication as needed is our goal.

How long does my child need to make changes to benefit from your program?

Our program encourages a sustainable change in lifestyle that your child will continue with throughout their childhood and adult years. However, even small changes made in childhood result in improved outcomes as an adult.

How often will my child be seen in the clinic?

We start off with weekly visits for the first 3 weeks, then we see your child every 2 weeks and subsequently every month. By the third month, we expect that your child is in control of their nutritional and physical activity plan, and then visits are scheduled every 3 months. If at any stage of treatment additional visits are needed, then the plan is adapted as needed.

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Do you treat adults as well?

Though we are a pediatric and family treatment center, we do not treat people older than 21 years of age. However most of our strategies are directed toward the family, so everyone involved in the child’s circle benefits from lifestyle change.

Where can I find useful tips to get started with weight management?

Below is an interactive tool that will provide you with some helpful tips. You will also find an informational video at the bottom of this page.

 Also visit our face book page at for useful tips. We keep this site updated with easy to use fun tips.

Will my health insurance plan pay for my child’s treatment?

Some health insurance plans will pay for the medical and nutritional aspect of treatment. Please find out what your particular plan will cover.

Can my child still benefit from your program if my health insurance plan does not pay for treatment?

Yes. We can work out a reasonable payment plan that will be suitable to all parties.

Are there any free programs that we can start off with?

Yes, you can register for the parent sessions and start learning important ways to improve your health, nutrition and physical activity.

Parent Sessions

Do I need to be a parent to participate?

No, anyone who cares for children can participate. If you are interested in a healthier lifestyle for the children, you will benefit from our program.

How much does the session cost?

The cost varies by length of session, please call for more information. Spots are limited, so we encourage you to notify us if you have an emergency and are unable to attend. This will free up your spot for other parents who want to participate.

How many people will attend each session?

We encourage small groups, hence 4 participants will be registered for each session.

We are a corporation, can your team come over to our facility to educate our members?

We are willing to work with community partners in order to help children achieve a healthier lifestyle.

This video will provide additional information on diabetes and weight management.

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