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Pediatric Weight Loss

Pediatric Weight Loss

Adult and Pediatric Weight Loss Services

We are now providing weight loss services to adults. Our program will be the same high standard  of medical, nutritional and psychosocial support. We will also add muscle strengthening exercises to keep you motivated with physical activity. Join us at our Open House this Saturday january 20th from 10am-2pm at 2525 Ogden Avenue in Downers Grove.

Back up Phone number: 630.929.6999

Balance Weight Center now providing weight loss services for adults

Balance Weight Center now providing weight loss services for adults

Weight Loss services for your child and young adult

We provide medically supervised weight management and weight loss services. These include complete medical evaluation, nutritional counseling and psycho-social support. Each child grows at their own pace and several factors affect each child’s ability to maintain an ideal weight. We ensure gradual weight loss to accommodate for continued growth in children and adolescents.  Attaining a healthy weight involves lifestyle changes for your child and also the whole family. A detailed evaluation is the start of identifying areas where changes need to be made, and continued visits with our Balance! Team will provide support to ensure each child reaches their ideal healthy weight.

Is my child overweight?

It is often difficult for a parent to determine whether or not a child is overweight. We use a standardized measure called BMI- Body Mass Index to help us make this diagnosis. BMI is calculated based on your child’s weight and height. You can think of it as a measure of how heavy your child is for his/her height.

Use this BMI calculator to determine if  your child is in the healthy weight, overweight or obese category

If your child is in the normal weight category keep up the good work. Continue regular physical activity and healthy diet. Our registered dietitians may be able to provide guidance regarding specific food options.

If your child is in the overweight category– you may consider taking advantage of our weight management services.

If your child is in the obese category- you should be calling  (630)929-3009 to join our weight management program.

Introducing our NEW Weight Management Program
Balance Lifestyle Buddies

4 week Weight management plan

Physician consultation

Lab evaluation

Sample Meal Plans

Individual weight loss plan

Weekly counseling sessions

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Weight management services include:
Medical Evaluation

A consultation begins with a complete medical evaluation by Dr. Akin, board-certified pediatrician and weight management specialist. She will help identify any medical problems which may be a cause of excessive weight gain. We will also look for other conditions which may have developed as a result of being overweight.

Nutrition counseling

Dietary evaluation and counseling. A detailed nutritional evaluation will be conducted to help identify areas of inappropriate caloric intake. An individualized nutritional plan will be developed to ensure recommended essential nutrients are consumed with optimal caloric intake.

Psychological support

We evaluate and address psycho-social barriers to weight loss or maintaining ideal weight

Physical Activity Evaluation

Finding an ideal balance of energy intake and expenditure is very important. Physical activity is the final aspect of the energy equilibrium. We will help each child find a means of effective physical activity that can be incorporated into their daily schedule.

Healthy Lifestyle

Parent sessions

Monthly sessions with parents where we explore nutrition and physical activity solutions for you and your family. We always explore ways to incorporate adequate nutrition and activity into your busy schedule.

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