Below is an introductory video to the Patient Portal for any patients unfamiliar with our new system. It will teach parents how to navigate the website while with many of its features. The Patient Portal allows for simple communication between our staff and patients, learning how to use it is a great benefit to both parties.


Here you can find individual guides for processes in the Patient Portal, including paying bills and scheduling appointments.

In addition, we highly encourage any of our patients registered in the portal to enable appointment notifications.

Complete Registration with a PIN

Intended for patients who have been issued pins before.

Complete Registration without a PIN

Intended for patients who have no history with the practice.

(NOTE: This guide is not intended for families that are already registered in the Patient Portal that want to add an additional patient.)

Scheduling an Appointment

Guide to schedule an appointment though the portal.

Clinical Summary

Guide for how to access the Clinical Summary, which can show information like diagnoses and Patient Instructions.