Resources section has useful information to keep your child and family healthy. Our clinic information and what to do on the days your child is sick, and how to know if your child’s development is as expected can also be found on this page.

Developmental Milestones

Do you ever wonder if your child’s development is normal or behind? We encourage our current patients to read more about how their child is expected to grow and develop. Please click on each link below to open a guide to see what your child’s development at various ages should be.

2 Months4 Months6 Months9 Months
12 Months15 Months18 Months2 Years
2 and 1/2 Years3 Years4 Years5 Years

Newborn Screen

This is a blood test done before baby leaves the hospital. The test is needed to make sure baby does not have a serious condition which may not be detected before leaving the hospital. It may take a few weeks before test results are ready. Dr. Akin will follow up on these test results during your baby’s well child check.

You can find detailed information on disease conditions screened for at this link.